20831 N. Scottsdale Rd  Suite # 111

Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Phone:   480-513-YOGA (9642)

One Love Yoga      

at Grayhawk

Class Descriptions:


In The Beginning (Beginners / Intermediate Yoga)

Beginner level for 1st time students  or for intermediate levels. Pose modifications will be demonstrated and encouraged! Yoga mat is required


Let Your Inner Power Shine (Power Hour)

An hour class,  focusing on core specific movements to strengthen and tone the entire body.  Warm up will be followed by flows and within the flows challenges to strengthen specific muscle groups. Yoga mat is required.


Some Like it Hot Hot Hot!! (Hot Yoga)

An hour and twenty minute yoga practice presented in a heated humidified room.  Music is incorporated in this class format.  Count on 40 minutes of warming up, followed by four flows and ending with challenging core movements on the floor! Yoga mat and towel required.


Hot Hour ! (Shortened Hot Yoga)

An hour  yoga practice presented in a heated and humidified room.  Music is incorporated in this class format.  Count on  warming up, followed by 2-3  flows and ending with challenging core movements on the floor! Yoga mat and towel required.


Relax, Rest, and Rejuvenate! (Restorative Yoga)

Offering an hour of mostly stretching using props, and relaxation breathing.  Soothing meditative music and candletie  accompany this format allowing the practitioner to unwind, and relieve the stresses of their day. Yoga mat required.


Get Yin 2 It (Yin Yoga) ***Special Class  ***

Yin yoga is a slower practice, where you can hold poses anywhere from one to ten minutes. It generally is done without support or props however we always encourage students to do what is best for them. It can encorporate several poses together in sequence, which has a flow like quality but slower. This is an excellent choice for those with joint or tendon issues as it heals the connective tissues that wrap around these areas. A great choice in the tool bag of yoga healers! Great for All Levels!



Baby I'm On The Way (Pre-natal Yoga) ***Special Class ***

This class is designed specificaly for this special time in a womans life.  Breathwork combined with postures focus on strenghthening, toning, increasing flexability, and opening the body, takes the Mother to be through a healthy pregnancy and helps her feel strong and relaxed as she prepares for that special day! (***Recommended Doctors Approval***)

Me And My Little One(s)  (Mommy and Me Yoga) ***Special Class ***

This is a light hearted, active but gental class that focuses on the Mother but allows the baby to participate as much or as little as the little one cares to.  All class participants will experience the benifits of Yoga through breathwork and postures, concentrating on building core strenghth, muscle tone, and increasing flexability.  The relationship between Mother and Baby is indeed a special one and should be shared and enjoyed.  (***Newborn through 1 yr.***)


Perfectly Pilates

Pilates will emphasize core strength building, incorporating specific movements accompanied by music! Yoga or Pilates mat required.


Get Your Latin Dance On! (Zumba Fitness)

One of the latest fitness crazes, zumba is exciting, fun and a great work out. Burn hundreds of calories while having a zumtastic  time!


Zen – Zum – Yoga

A fusion class that is part Yoga, part Zumba.  For Yoga AND Zumba lovers!  This class is a combination that is both fun and introspective.  Bring your Yoga Mat AND Tennis Shoes for this class.  Try it….You will Love it!!!